Tuesday, 1 March 2016

A new beginning February 28 2016

A new beginning is on it's way.  My store went bust. Living in Greece is hard.
Money is very tight.
There is no thrift stores here.
You have to realise that your sources are almost none.
Planting a garden is very important.
At the beginning of winter I had planted one. But with the store we had no time for us. We  ( mostly me ) missed out on so many things. My garden almost went dead.  Just in time I saved it from the weeds and from dehydration.  I lost so much valuable time from my kids.  And making no real money.  Working double shifts and making 5-10 euros a day.  My time is more valuable than that.
So here goes to a new way of life.
Wishing my self good luck.

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