Sunday, 27 March 2016

Greece what I think.

I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Is there any way to survive in Greece.
Are they taxing me for not working.
Why would I work if what I make goes to fuel.
And the rest to taxes.
The end result would be almost zero.
So what is the point of going to work.
When will troika wake up and see that Greek families are going broke while working.
Wake up people.
I've never taken unemployment.
I've never received any money from the Greek government.
So why are they trying to tax us to poverty.
If I go to work I would earn 400 euros a month.
They would tax me a 26 - 36 %
Plus fuel to and from work 6 days a week.  So what is left.
Ops I spent more than what I make.

I would make 400 euros minus 26 percent.
That would leave me with  297 euros for the rest of the month.
Back and to work the fuel is in the best way  60 a week.
60 fuel × 4 weeks a month is 240 .
We have 57 euros left.
For one month of working.
Prices for food are the same here as in Canada.
Really expensive.
So with 57 left is for my home made sandwiches that I would bring from home for lunch.
At the end of the month the budget would be zero.
What is the point of working for nothing.
Either way they are not thinking responsibly about the average Greek family.
I wish they would wake up and think about us.

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