Saturday, 9 April 2016

Frugal living for dummies

Frugal Living For Dummies, Deborah Taylor-Hough.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

April 1 Friday 2016 day 32

I hope hard work pays up.
Cleaning up every thing.
Garden, balconies,  and even street.
That was yesterday today is clean inside house.
Been keeping a very low budget all week.
On Monday it may go up because I need to go to nursery to get plants.
But if I keep this up I'll notice a big difference in the way of saving on food.
Couldn't imagine that food was so easy to plant if you have time.
I think I'm falling in love with this.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Day 19- Saturday March 19 2016

It's almost lunchtime.
And no house work been done.
I woke up at 6:15 am.
I was thinking about the poor.
The very low income families.
But we seem to be one of them.
Living under the poor lines.
Our income is very low, but we seem okay for this week.
What makes us different from them.
We have a little garden, My mom has chickens.
We live off hand me downs.
I buy some new ones from flee market.
But mostly for me and my little girl.
Our numbers are hard to find.
Maybe if we had some help we would be good.
You don't need fancy dresses to be able to make it through.
You need to be able to be frugal.
Wasn't this frugal all my life.
Wish I was now.
But you can't turn time back.

Cleaning up my clothes and putting them in boxes so when I need them I can find them.
Allot of clothes and more at my mom's house.
11:30 am
Allot of clothes.
Still at it.
Some are as old of when I was a teenager.
Most still fit.
Might need all weekend and a couple of weekdays.
Starting to see clothing everywhere.
Time to take a break.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

March 28

Haven't left the house since Friday morning.
Gone nowhere.
At least I have my TV.
Nothing good playing.
But at least I'm not spending.
But I need to lose weight.
To many things to do and think of.
Or is it depression.
Don't know yet.

2:30 pm
I need a job, but do I want to.
Nope lost my hope.
With taxes in Greece.
Maybe by tomorrow it will pas.

I like being frugal but.
I also like going out to see people.
I like going out for a couple of drinks.
But money finishes fast.
What should I do.
We are not frugal because we want to anymore but because we have to.
It's been a long time since I was frugal because I wanted too.
There is a big difference.
Hope rest of day goes better than morning.
Feeling sad.

11:00 am
Made some home made laundry liquid.
Super Easy super fast.
2 cups graded soap flakes from natural green olive soap
1 cup washing soda
Half cup borax.
Add everything in pot add 2 litres water and heat and mix till everything is disolved.
In a big bucket add 8 liters water.
When first is ready add to second.
Mix well.
Let rest for 24-48 hours.
Add half a  cup.
Big savings.
I use less with a little bit of help from washer  I add the washer to warm.
Might be a bit more expensive but it is amazing.
Whites might need some bleach from time to time.
Went to garden,  after so much rain.
So many days,  we are full of weeds again.
But the good news  beet roots have big roots.
My hubby loves eating them.
For dinner we're having boiled beetroot leaves and potatoes  with garlic paste and pollock fillets in this paste I make before I fry them.
We might even have Internet access tonight.
A friend has and is giving me some for five euros per month.
Better than paying full price.
Now I only need a job.

Greece what I think.

I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Is there any way to survive in Greece.
Are they taxing me for not working.
Why would I work if what I make goes to fuel.
And the rest to taxes.
The end result would be almost zero.
So what is the point of going to work.
When will troika wake up and see that Greek families are going broke while working.
Wake up people.
I've never taken unemployment.
I've never received any money from the Greek government.
So why are they trying to tax us to poverty.
If I go to work I would earn 400 euros a month.
They would tax me a 26 - 36 %
Plus fuel to and from work 6 days a week.  So what is left.
Ops I spent more than what I make.

I would make 400 euros minus 26 percent.
That would leave me with  297 euros for the rest of the month.
Back and to work the fuel is in the best way  60 a week.
60 fuel × 4 weeks a month is 240 .
We have 57 euros left.
For one month of working.
Prices for food are the same here as in Canada.
Really expensive.
So with 57 left is for my home made sandwiches that I would bring from home for lunch.
At the end of the month the budget would be zero.
What is the point of working for nothing.
Either way they are not thinking responsibly about the average Greek family.
I wish they would wake up and think about us.

March 25 - Friday March 25 2016

Can't say I'm doing bad but can't quite say I'm doing good.
I'm stuck in the middle.
I can't get myself to stay at home every day, and watch TV .
I like going out for a couple of drinks.
I'm only human.
And I can surf the Internet.
Things are boring in small villages.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Day 18- Friday March 18 2016

Wanted to walk again this morning, for the third day in a row.
But little one has no school today.
Will walk in the afternoon when I drive them to English school.
Will be doing some house work.
Better something than nothing.

5:30 pm
No walking, no nothing.
Didn't even reach my calories.
Over ate and it's only afternoon.
Went over again.
Will try harder tomorrow.