Monday, 28 March 2016

Day 19- Saturday March 19 2016

It's almost lunchtime.
And no house work been done.
I woke up at 6:15 am.
I was thinking about the poor.
The very low income families.
But we seem to be one of them.
Living under the poor lines.
Our income is very low, but we seem okay for this week.
What makes us different from them.
We have a little garden, My mom has chickens.
We live off hand me downs.
I buy some new ones from flee market.
But mostly for me and my little girl.
Our numbers are hard to find.
Maybe if we had some help we would be good.
You don't need fancy dresses to be able to make it through.
You need to be able to be frugal.
Wasn't this frugal all my life.
Wish I was now.
But you can't turn time back.

Cleaning up my clothes and putting them in boxes so when I need them I can find them.
Allot of clothes and more at my mom's house.
11:30 am
Allot of clothes.
Still at it.
Some are as old of when I was a teenager.
Most still fit.
Might need all weekend and a couple of weekdays.
Starting to see clothing everywhere.
Time to take a break.

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