Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Day 4- March 4 Friday 2016

8:00 am
Couldn't wake up.
Had 3 drinks.
Hubby had 5.
He even bought marlboro smokes 4€.
I went for 1 but he kept asking for more.
Now I feel awful.
I think I have a hangover.
But I will survive.
9:00 am
House is empty.
Just me yeah.
Need to get up and start my actual day.
We have English school in afternoon.
I have to get on track.
For meal planning.
For chores in the house.
For reading the little one.
For dog time.
Need to finish the store and start getting my life in order.
Must get up and start my day.
Enough lazy time.
10:00 am
Individual spinach cheese pies in fringe.
Time to start preparing stuffed tomatoes with rice.
And leave for store.
More moving today.
And English class and reading.
I'm up for the challenge.
11:00 am
Stuffed tomatoes in small oven cooking.
Almost all pots and pans in sink cleaned.
Trying to get people to think this lifestyle isn't easy.
Especially for people in Greece.
We have a great economic crisis going on.
So every penny does count for us.
But we need to have fun too.
6: 00pm
Waiting for little one to finish English school.
Rainy day.
My food turned out great.
In my future posts I'll give recipes.
Had one drink during lunch and took a nap but I'm still very tired .
No waking up early tomorrow.
I hope.

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