Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Day 9- March 9 2016

What a great day yesterday.
They are also starting a elder soccer team in my village.
Most of them are 40-55 years old.
Yesterday they had there first meat up.
They trained,  so I went with hubby.
He is one of the soccer players..
While they were training I was walking around the fields.
Little one was playing with an other kid.
Got a good exercise .
Made me think about what I love to do.
I love to walk.
Next training is Thursday.
My car will go anyway, so why don't I go along.
Might even get fit.
Time to continue house work,
I'm off.
Also need to go to store for last things. Urgggg.
Wish I could skip that.
But I'm an adult.

Root beet leaves are ready.
Boiled them and will put olive oil and vinegar.
Garlic spread is ready.
I only need to fry my fish.
Will do that last minute.
Bought the fish and garlic.
Old stale bread I had in freezer.
Olive oil is ours, we have many olive trees .
Root beet leaves from garden.
Salt and vinegar I bought.
And flour that I'm going to dip fish in before frying.
I might even make a salad from garden.
Money saved.
You bet.
And veggies have no poisonous things on them.
Way to go Me.

6:40 pm
Little one at English school.
Also made some bread in bread machine.
Fish were yummy  , and root beets with garlic paste even better.
For dinner we are having the same plus fresh bread .
It is raining out side.
Won't need to water my garden.
Feel so sleepy.
I  could easily sleep now, but my day isn't over yet.

7:10 pm
No it's a  storm.
When we get to village, I'm going for coffee with my boys .
Not going home alone in this thunder storm.

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