Thursday, 3 March 2016

Day 3 - March 3 Thursday 2016

Today seems good .
It's still morning.
To be honest it's 7:30am.
Waiting for little on to get ready.
Then my day will start.
Let's see what my day brings.
8:45 am.
Brought mom for bank and shopping.
Waiting in car for her to finish.
Hate driving 30 minutes on these roads.
But what can I  do.
When I had store she would get a cab, now it's you don't want to take me to do my jobs.

8:55 am
Just discovered why I  spend too much fuel when with my mom.
She doesn't walk.
She wants to be driven everywhere.
10:30 am
Still on the road.
Dreaming of afternoon,  of coffee and a smoke in front of TV.
I do smoke as I  drive.
Maybe in summer I'll quit again.
Too much on my mind right now.
1:00 pm
Just finished caring another load in house from store.
Dead tired.
At least my mom is making me & valentine lunch.
Nice juice pork chops and rice.
Time to relax a bit.
2:00 pm
Just got home.
My body is telling me to rest.
Little stayed at grammas
Time to lye on coach and watch TV.
Too tired.
3:00 pm
Got up from couch smoke and make coffee, but I'm still dead tired.
My body's hurting.
Being a mom and daughter at the same time is tiring.
Don't worry if you are reading this won't be posting so much in a couple of days.
While I'm waiting for the water to heat, I'll inform you about morning.
My mum bough us some pork meat and some grinded meat and some cheese.
Fueled my car with  10€ of fuel.
So I guess we are good for now.
Won't be missing meat.
Went and saw my garden.
Starting to look like one .
Mum bought me some baby lettuce.
That little bin cost 2,
If I have any energy will plant tonight.
I'm happy I'm out of store but money is already tight.
5:00 pm
Got up had half the coffee.
Went planted my new lettuce, 
Watered the garden and pulled out some more weed.
Hard work. All this till 6:15 pm.
Now up at house to start dinner.
Thank god we have no homework for school today.  Way to tired to do homework and housework.
7:00 pm
Just finished bagging meat and spinach pie filling to freeze.
My filo pastery is still frozen so
Dinner plans are off.
Forgot to take it out of the freezer.
No planning can help these days.
Way to much going on.
Maybe when I'm totally finished with the store and house  (putting everything back in order )
After 2 years of letting the house for the store.
I can get back to planning meals.
For tonight ham sandwich anyone.
Some TV.
And a drink out.
Or maybe 2.
I'm human after all.
Don't want to be too much of a cheap stake.
And maybe I'll find a  few people to ask for work. 
And upload my posts.
I don't have a land line or Internet at home.
I write my posts through my smartphone.
Can't have it all .

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