Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Day 1 - March 1 2016

What a day.
Did tons of work.
Cleaned a little bit of my garden.
Cleaned up a little bit of my home.
It was kind of chilly here in Greece.
Winter garden starting to look and feel like a garden.
Needs more work to be done
But I'm still moving my things from the store I had rented.  Feeling very sad about my store and that I'm out of a job.
At least I have my health as they say in Greece.
My days this past week were full.
Moving and all plus cooking plus little one to school  ( I drive her,  it's too far away. )
Taking valentine to English school in afternoon.
I think that after the move and with my schedule I will need time to relax.
But I'll be on the lookout for a job.
On Monday I made some bread and burgers with lemon sauce and potatoes in the oven. 
Today we had macaroni and cheese.
Homemade of course.

I guess getting on track will need some work.

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