Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Day 5- March 5 Saturday 2016

8:00 am
Almost finished my coffee.
Went to bed early last night.
But all three kids are here today.
Ages 1st is 24 boy,
2nd is 22 boy,
3rd is valentine 10.
Weekends are hard.
With 5 people in house.
My hubby plus the boys eat as if there is no tomorrow.
They are bone thin.
But eat way too much.
Each need 2-3 servings for lunch and the same for dinner.
9:00 am
Lunch is on the stove.
Pork with veggies.
Cheap and delicious.
But it takes hours to boil.
Well can't have it all.
Time to start house work.
Making beds and the rest.
Here goes an other day.
12:00 noon
Yeah, food ready.
Vacuumed half the house.
Kitchen is starting to look like a kitchen.
At this rate house and old store will be done till next week.
Need more energy.
I'm glad I don't have Internet.
Here I was playing offline on my phone, imagine a waste of time if I had Internet.
4:00 pm
One most two loads left in store.
Almost done. Saturday afternoon is here.
Time to watch TV and be lazy.

Went out had some tsipouro. .. The 2€ drink.
Had 2.

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