Thursday, 3 March 2016

Day 2 - March 2 2016

Today we have English class in the afternoon.  Will need to fuel car.
All morning been moving things from store in village  ( the one I had rented  to my house ) and I'm dead tired.  No gardening today. My muscles are a little soar.  Asking people I know if they need a person for hire so I can support myself.  I hope I find something thing fast.  Bills are running and I am sitting. Good thing I am frugal.  The good news is that there was allot of groceries left from the store,  enough so I didn't do any shopping last week.  This week well I have to start shopping.  Grocery store very far. It's a 30 minute drive from home.  Even English class is a 30 minute drive.  Elementary school is a 20 minute drive.  It takes me 20 minutes to go to school and 20 back.  I  need allot of fuel every week.
Starting today at the end of my posts I'll be adding my money spent. I'm already tracking in my budget book. 
But this time I will do it public.
Bad news is i smoke and like to have a drink once in a while.
Nothing fancy like a vodka which they charge you 5 euros a drink,  but a villagers drink they make here.  And they charge it 2€, a drink. 
Brought my coffee (the plastic water bottle ) from home because I'm writing this as I wait for valentine to finish English school.  As I said we have English school 3 times a week.
Todays spending is 
7 euros for  2 toast and 2 store brand salami packages and 1 package store brand cheese .
Packages are small.
And 10 fuel for car. 
Can you imagine 1.50 a litre for fuel,
I think things will be a little hard this summer and winter coming up.
But will do my best.
For dinner we had free range eggs and toast I bought.
Hubby being unfrugal like always.
Some drinks during lunchtime and now in the cafe enjoying some coffee with friends and later more drinks.
At least me and my daughter are the frugal ones.

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