Saturday, 24 October 2015

Frugal shopping

Want to really save money.
Who doesn't. We all do, or do we?
The trick is easy, if you don't have cash don't shop.
Easy said but not so easy done.
Yes i have major MAJOR dept.
I owe to banks from loans which I can't repay now.
But i try my best. Like i said i did stupid things.

Lesson learnt.
Now for the shopping part.
When going shopping and trying to save at the same time it might be hard at first.
Don't take kids and friends along, they only make things go wrong.
Plan your meals , what will you need, can you afford it?

Do you really need that expensive shampoo?
I don't , tried my store brand and it was cheap and good.
OK there is a little difference, doesn't smell expensive.
I go mostly shopping at galaxias,
Almost all of it's store label products are amazing.
I also use there hair conditioner and body wash.
For deodorant and toothpaste i use coupons.
People may look at me funny but i don't care.
We live on a not so basic salary.
It is lower than 800 a month.
So yes we have our struggles too.
We try our best to make ends meet like most Greek families.
But why waste my hard urned money on big companies when i can save major .
To survive in this economy we all need to be smart.
What is wrong with store brands . Nothing.
Trust me I've tryed them.
Shop sales , use coupons, use store brand when ever possible and most of all use your brain. Cash only, if you can afford it buy it or find something cheaper.

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